Sunday, 4 March 2012


Pleasant Beach, Port Colborne. Winter 2012
Welcome, welcome, welcome...!

In the past few years I have found myself trying to do what most people would say to be impossible and crazy. However, with time and help of people I've met along the way I started finding my path to achieving one of my many goals. Today, I can proudly say I surf the Great Lakes of North America.

To some of you, this might sound shocking or unbelievable. To some others -probably just a few- it sounds familiar and awesome. It doesn't really matter on what extreme of my audience you find yourself. At the end, the final goal of this blog is
for me to share withe the world the great adventures me and my friends get into while trying to get to surf waves in the Great Lakes.

These waves are produced by large storms crossing over the regions of the Great Lakes. These storms are particularly strong and consistent during Fall, Winter and Spring. Sometimes, air temperature drops below freezing temperatures reaching up to -25 Celsius with windshield. It is at these times that our will to surf is challenged by mother nature and only a few brave, passionate-driven and crazy dudes come out in search of perfect waves.
Driving to Lake Erie.

Elias, Larry and myself. Crystal Beach 2012
My mission in here is not to convince you of coming out with us during summertime when it is nice and toasty or even less during winter when it is freezing and a tad cold. My mission here is to show and share the excitement that runs through my veins when I hear the wind blowing strong and hauling all night long. I want to show, despite the cold weather, how beautiful it can be to surf the Great Lakes all year long. I look forward to post about surf trips and adventures I go through whenever the winds are blowing and I step to the challenge of Surfing  the Great Lakes of North America together with my best friends.
Thanks for reading this initial post. I invite you to comment, like, share & follow this post. The more feedback I get about what you want to know about or what would you like to see on this blog the more interesting this blog will become to you. Be part of it! Lets share our knowledge, feelings and ideas on the internet to continue to improve ourselves and the lives of those who surround us!  


Unknown Surfer. Crystal Beach Winter 2012
La Guerrera - "The Warrior" @ Tim Hortons near Lake Erie. Winter 2012


  1. Great first entry Antonio! As a fellow passioante surfer I share your stoke for surfing and the will to do anything to find a wave and experience the essence that surfing offers.
    I hope you continue to share with us your passion and adventures. I will stay tuned for your next entry!

    1. Pat it is great that you share the same stoke for surfing. It is definitely a passion that cannot be explained easily. Please not only keep tuned but ask for certain things you would like answers to or even more, that you want to hear or talk about in particular!

      See you in the line up bro!

  2. I've never thought you'll be surfing up there with such a weather and so tiny waves.
    Amazing uh. I'll be on the track for your next post. Keep on while I'll try to meet some of the buds at makaha.

    1. If somebody had told me 6 or 7 years ago that I would be surfing the great lakes during winter time I wouldn't have believed it. Not even a bit. Sometimes now, when I am surfing I still find it hard to believe. It's like I am in a different dimension ....