Friday, 2 May 2014

The Cove Beach Clean Up #8

I am happy to announce our already CLASSIC THE COVE BEACH CLEAN UP #8 this Sunday May 4, 2014 at our usual place 'The Cove' at Bluffer's Park, Scarborough, ON.

Every year we receive more and more sponsors. Last year we had a couple of baskets full of surf gear and equipment that we gave away to our participants! This year is not the exception - we have shirts and wetsuits among other really cool stuff from our various sponsors! Come check it out and have a blast rain or shine!

Here comes a quick little bit of story for you: Over the past years Larry and I have been working on our surf community increasing the level of environmental awareness and friendship. Our main goal was always to give back to Mother Nature for the blessing that we have and that is surf - among many other things! We are grateful about the surf opportunity we have in The Great Lakes and specifically in Lake Ontario near Toronto. It was our magical place since day 1. Ever since we started 'The Cove Beach Clean Up' we have been joined by lots of people in this mission we have set for ourselves. Big thanks to all the awesome friends and sponsors who have given us a hand when we had nothing to get this event going and who continue standing next to us to show support for our surf community.

Since the first beach clean up we held, we have seen larger numbers of participants at every event - surfers and non-surfers, people we know and some other people and families who decide to join us when they see us having fun! We have also seen the initiative by other members of our surf community to start their own ways of helping out and growing that environmental awareness. We are delighted to see this happen and would love to see this trend continue and infect everyone!

Event Goals:
  • Give back to Mother Nature.
  • Increase environmental awareness.
  • Unite the Surf Community in one big social event.
  • Encourage sharing, friendship and  camaraderie.
  • Have a great time with family and friends. 
  • Make the  Surf Scene in Toronto a better one by creating a friendly environment where everyone is welcomed and respected.
 Hope to see you all out there this Sunday at 10.30AM Rain or Shine!!!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Busy dreamer; surfer at heart; lucky man!

Photo: Brian Batista Bettencourt - Helene & Antonio
In the past year things have been moving very quickly for me. Several life changes, new doors opening, opportunities taken, changes made, new plans created, graduated from University, business developed and started, and met the most amazing woman I have ever met - she was the catalyst for all of these.

With every month that goes by I learn that the things that were important for me before aren't important anymore. When I found Surf in the Great Lakes, I realized that the important thing in life is
Larry C, Antonio A, Stephanie K. @Kincardine 1st Surf Event 2013

Monday, 17 February 2014

Snowboarding – My New Lover?!

Leaving surf behind is what I concluded I had to do after repeatedly carving on the snowboard and landing on my face or worse at Moonstone....

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

D.R. Destination: Approved!!

Helene F. and Antonio A.
Helene and I were enjoying the winter but an incredible craving for waves and warm water took over. So, we decided to plan a surf trip and we chose Dominican Republic. We selected the destination and hotel we were staying at without having a clue how amazing this trip would be. Just to start it off, Josh and Reva Madryga were planning their own trip and by coincidence we ended up staying at the same place. The food, the people and the place was amazing. But let’s get real the best part was the surf in Dominican…!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Memorable Night for Great Lakes Surfers

Brian Batista Bettencourt - 3B Photography
  A night where friendships were strengthened and new relationships were built is what I got to experience this past Saturday at Loft 404. It was the opening event organized by Mackenzie Gruer and her crew for the new documentary they are working on for their next project. They have decided to focus on Surfers in The Great Lakes. I think there is no better time than now to start working on a project looking in detail into the art of surfing the Great Lakes and the individual lives of those who surf them. The surfer community is ever growing and last Saturday I was shocked at the turn out of the event.

Friday, 18 January 2013

ESA Surf Contest. Lake Erie, January 19 2013

 Tomorrow the ESA Surf tournament at Lake Erie will take place! Do not miss out on this one of a kind event! Lake Erie has not frozen yet and will provide us with some good surfing tomorrow!!

More Information below or at 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Surfing on White Powder!

This has been one of the warmest weekends of this winter 2013!! Sadly no surf anywhere around to be seen and with that craving that we all –surfers- have I am going to hit the slopes and carve some more at Moonstone! I have only done this once maybe 5 years ago and although it went alright –by alright I mean no broken bones, only broken cell phone, glasses and my pants! – I am super excited to go. Mind you I will have a super sexy, wild and awesome snowboard instructor showing me how to kick as on some white powder!!